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You have to be compassionate, friendly, intelligent and experienced to talk to patients about  new medical services or products you're offering and any changes to your practice.

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We contact patient's of physicians and audiologists to let them know about new products and services their doctor is offering. Calling patients means you have to be on top of complex and ever changing compliance regulations...WE ARE! 

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Let our practiced team speak for themselves. Whether it's making an appointment, special event or webinar registration or even handling patient concerns: 

our experienced TSR's do it all for you.



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When you need a healthcare call center...

Welcome to Onsite TM.

Real people. Real patient contact solutions.

Let us help you navigate the complex healthcare industry.

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Connecting you with today's busy patients

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  • Custom CRM set up

100% Medical Focus

Every practice is unique and a run of the mill call center is not a fit for the medical industry We are trusted by doctors because we are solely focused on healthcare! ​​


HIPAA  and TCPA rules change frequently and the increased responsibility of maintaining compliance and truly protecting patient information is challenging and time consuming. ​On-Site keeps you current on the latest laws and policies. ​

Custom Appointment Setting

​The power of solid appointment setting results in an immediate quality increase for our clients! We'll use the schedule you design and also offer different online appointment scheduling solutions.

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