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Working in the healthcare industry isn't easy. Talking to providers and patients of providers requires a unique touch. We'll focus on what we do best...making patients and providers aware of the new products and services that you have to offer. You can focus on what's most important, running your business/practice. Bottom line, it's a win-win for everyone.  



Our focus is on connecting with practices and patients while meeting the goals you set for your your project. We're prepared, not pushy, but you don't have to take our word for it...

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Onsite TM will:

  • Handle your contacts with compassion, understanding and professionalism.

  • Help you connect with all patients and practitioners in a timely fashion.

  • Set high-quality appointments.

  • Explain and pre-sell your healthcare product/service.

  • Reactivate former patients with NEW excitement.

  • Help launch and grow your medical product & service.

  • Provide daily reports to measure and quantify your results.

  • Manage all the regulatory details such as HIPAA, the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and the new 2020 TRACED Act


People will not tolerate tightly scripted calls. We use discussion guides that assist our representatives without putting words in their mouths. We work hard to understand what you’re communicating and train our people to become pros at highlighting what's important to you. Professional. Natural. Effective.


We will work with you to match specific representatives that will understand your unique patient demographic. We call on behalf of your office, so patient's feel comfortable and thank us for the call.

In addition to generating results with a high return-on-investment, our management team includes TCPA compliance experts. We always follow HIPAA compliance guidelines with over 15 years of client success stories in healthcare connections. We understand how important the protection of sensitive and confidential data is to our clients and our customers.


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Onsite Takes Care of Every Detail:

  • Scripting and sales training experts on our management team

  • Compliance officers maintain TCPA & new 2020TRACED ACT laws

  • HIPAA and PHI (patient healthcare information) solutions

  • Do not call regulation compliance

  • Call monitoring to ensure the best possible customer experience

  • Detailed training and systems to ensure quality control

  • Daily reporting and data transfer to your team


So why partner with OnsiteTM to connect with providers and patients?  

We know that you don’t just need a call center—you need advocates who know how to work in the healthcare industry. In our experience, we know that a well handled call makes all the difference in the success of marketing healthcare products and services. You need a special team to do that and we are that team!



Wayne L., Principal, Concierges Co.

“We have been a client of ON-SITE TM for over 10 years.  In our environment, handling patients and potential customers requires more than most firms can deliver.  On-Site TM makes sure when they talk to one of our clients that the professionalism meets our high standards. I recommend them to any company that values relationships.”

Dr. Tanya H., Chiropractor

"The Onsite TM's Bring Them Back appointment setting program was a highly effective way of motivating patients to come back into my office. So effective that we even got patients back whom we have not seen in over a year. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again. Very pleased! "

Dr. Nimet A., Audiologist

"The allure of Lyric along with Onsite TM's program was a highly effective way of motivating patients to come to our office for an appointment. It was so effective, we had patients come to the office with which we had previously no success. I would certainly recommend and use this service again in our office."

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