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B2B & B2C Healthcare Marketing Call Center Services

B2C patient & B2B practice calling programs

It's certainly not easy to stay on top of changing practitioners schedules, compliance regulations and patient market trends while you're busy working your own task list. Our team can fill the gap to give you back your time. With our constant focus on medical contact solutions, compliance awareness and the latest patient inclinations, we can connect with your customers on any project you're developing.  Whether it's B2B or B2C calling programs, we will help save your valuable time and energy so you can do what you do best, run your business! We  provide a wide variety of services and support:

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Appointment Setting

We set quality appointments for callbacks, new product trials, face to face meetings, small groups, confirmations; whenever you need to connect with doctors or patients at a specific time. We will use the scheduling system you prefer and we offer different real time scheduling solutions to meet your needs. 

Calling doctors and patients at their preferred time, often in the evenings for patients and early mornings for doctors when they are most likely to be available to connect. With practices we will get through gatekeepers to set up morning coffee, lunch and learns, even after hours tapas when office managers or physicians have more time.  Bottom line, you know your market so we adapt each campaign team to you!

Webinars and Events

Offering something new? Webinars and special events can serve as a powerful means to launch a new product or service. We specialize in inviting, qualifying, registering, and confirming webinars, conference calls and even live event attendance.  It takes a unique touch to connect with customers about healthcare related events, products and services. We excel at it because we've been doing it for 15 years and healthcare calling is 100% of our focus. 

Lead Generation

We support your brand and your practice with professionalism and compassion while setting up your team for success. We will recommend a timeframe to get the job done based on our experience.  With that said, we know you have commitments so we will work within the timeframe you give us to meet the deadlines of your project. 


We also offer different options to connect with patients or practice staff. Whether you prefer us to design a custom database or work within your existing system, we train our people to adapt. If you're project is B2C, rest assured, we work with the top industry experts to keep up with the latest TCPA, privacy and HIPAA laws...always! 

Sales & Service

Expect a great experience! We understand the importance of a professional, compassionate outreach; representing you as an extension of your team. It's your brand and we get that! Please understand, waren't pushy people, we are prepared and sell through authentic patient and practice connection. 

You can count on us when it comes to the continuously changing healthcare and tele-com compliance regulations. Whether it's HIPAA/HITECH compliance or the latest federal TCPA and state mini-TCPA laws we keep you informed of all the latest developments.

Learn more about how your unique campaign could work

1. Informational Interview

Our VP of Marketing will contact you and set up a 20 minute fact finding interview. Based on the information you provide we´ll give you an honest appraisal on whether we think we can make your project work effectively along with a quote detailing how much it will cost.

2. Preparation

Assuming we move forward, you would provide the list of the practices or the patients you would like to contact.  Whether you start with a webinar event, introducing a new product or service or go straight to lead generation and appointment setting, we will prepare for anything you want to communicate to your future customers.


You or a member of the office staff will upload just the basic information (contact name & phone number) through a secure website. Our VP of marketing will then download this data and import it into a database designed specifically for your program or if you prefer,  we can use your systems. Rest assured, if we are contacting patients, we are always in compliance with the latest HIPAA, privacy and TCPA regulations.

3. Team Training

Our scriptwriter will work with your team to draft an outline subject to your final approval. We will select those experienced TSRs who will perform best on the project and train them on the unique aspects of your business. Our TSR's are monitored through quality control so your brand and practice are always reflected in a professional manner. Our team knows we are speaking with your contacts or patients so your reputation is our top priority.

4. Connect with Patients and Practitioners

Patients:  we will make up to 2 calls to every patient on your list over the length of the project. Usually, we will make the calls on behalf of your office, Since your number is shown on caller ID, patient's are more likely to answer the call and engage in conversation. Again, we do this in compliance with all relevant HIPAA & TCPA laws.

Practices: we will make as many calls within reason to meet the scope and deadline of your particular project. When it comes to B2B, there are of course best practices of the trade and we will follow up over time with various parties as needed

5. Set Appointments & Generate Leads

Whether you're bringing patient's back to the office, speaking about a new service or offering a new product to doctors/patients, we will set appointments with those that are qualified and interested in hearing more about your offering. Your office provides time slots and we fill them keeping you appraised of our progress on a daily basis. That way we eliminate any unnecessary downtime for your team.

6. Data & Reporting

At the end of the project, we´ll send you a detailed report showing the status of everyone we called. In essence, we "scrub" the list you sent us telling you who is no longer an office manager, a patient, even a practice that has has moved or contacts that have passed away.


Finally, we close down the database we have created and used for your program and then move it to a secure off-site location.

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How it works in 6 Simple Steps

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