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Navigating patient connections during COVID-19

When life shifts as dramatically as it has in the face of COVID-19, it’s important that we address the issue with tact, empathy, and mindful connections. That said, when it comes to current and planned campaigns, medical businesses and practices face unique challenges during a crisis. This raises several questions:

      "Should we touch base with patients during these challenging times?"

      "What's the best way to reach out with empathy?"

      "Should we still even market to patients right now?"

We've been asked to help our clients adjust their communication approaches and have made our own adaptations. The good news...we're finding great success! 

Thus, we thought it might be useful to share some of our new methods for medical marketing protocol during these challenging times.


5 TIPS to Market Your Medical Products and Services During COVID-19

1) Constantly reassess

As market dynamics change rapidly, we’re constantly reassessing campaigns, conversational outlines and processes through our quality control systems. What we decided last week isn’t necessarily appropriate today. The one constant assumption we have in this situation is that things will change. Because of that, we’re reassessing every possible touch point with patient's from calls to emails to webinars and especially to timing. 

We’re asking ourselves every day, “Is this patient connection going to be right for this moment and in this context?” And when the answer is no, we pivot. For instance, we used to invite our patient's to live events to learn about products and services. Was that successful and OK in the U.S. market several months ago? Sure. Today? Not so much.

2) Logistical considerations- LIVE WEBINAR EVENTS

In the spirit of reassessing campaigns, we’re finding that all steps in the patient connection process need scrutiny right now. From the best time to call, tone and wording of conversational outlines, we've made adjustments that are working. The biggest change has been the way to hold patient events shifting from in person to live webinar and audio events. Not only are patients open to attending, we are able to present offerings to more patients than ever before which are generating qualified leads and increased sales. 


We've found patients welcoming the connection with their health care providers, eager to learn about new products and services.

In fact, patients have told us they really want to hear from their healthcare providers and that it's comforting. Often patient's say things like, "Thanks

so much for thinking of me. I appreciate the offer." Whether it becomes a lead or a sale or not, it's a positive connection.

weninar senior man.jpg

>> Listen here to a sample webinar event emphasizing relationship from introduction to event registration. **protected information has been removed

00:00 / 01:47

3) Compliance, always.

Though this is a global pandemic, its impact is local. We’ve found it helpful to carry that thinking into the evaluation of our medical marketing campaigns. Our teams are providing guidance centrally, and we have compliance experts who are specialists at TCPA, TRACED & HIPAA federal and state laws. We make sure you stay up to speed on relevant compliance changes, as they happen. 

4) One on one appointments

After having made the necessary changes for patient visits including of course, social distancing, mask wearing, temperature checking and private rooms for one on one appointments, we've found patients eager and ready to come in for one on one consultations that often lead to trials and sales. Not all patients are ready and for them our practitioners offer tele-conference and tele-health options. Either way, your appointments can be set and your message can be communicated.


5) Special Offers

Unique circumstances provide opportunities for a special offer. During this uncertain time period, you have the opportunity to show support for your customer base by offering special discounts like "extended trial periods" for example or "free screenings". Identify your product-patient fit and create a special offer. Many people are at home browsing, looking for discounts to save money during a time of unrest. It’s a great way to engage with your patient customers and keep a steady stream of revenue that will keep your doors open. You can push out your special offers through webinar invitations, one on one calls, appointments and even phone sales.

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