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Chiropractic Bring Them Back Calling Campaigns

Losing a patient is costly.


In fact, research shows the average cost of a lost patient can be up to $1,000. While 70% of practices agree it’s far cheaper to retactivate patients than it is to find new ones, only 30%  successfully bring back the patients they haven’t seen in quite

a while.


Luckily, with a little help from OnSite TM, we can create your specific "Bring them Back" campaign to retrieve those lost patients and engage them with your practice once again!


What are Bring ​Them Back Chiropractic Campaigns?

At ON-SITE TM we’ve been developing cost-effective, HIPAA compliant call campaigns to patients of physicians for over 15 years. Our warm and friendly agents will reach out to targeted patients to re-invite them to your practice in a way that takes an extraordinary touch.

It's a mix of professionalism with kindness and compassion that gets the job done

in a non-pushy way. We do it by calling on your behalf, with your unique campaign design and we use the practice phone number.


We’re fully HIPAA compliant and have been trusted with hundreds of medical professionals to successfully handle these calls professionally and confidentially.

Your Own Customized Program – On-Site TM will work with you to set the parameters for your program.


On-Site TM will help support such activities as:

•  Offering a new product, technique or service

• A wellness check

• A complimentary screening

• A grand “re-opening”

• Contacting your wait list

• Adding a new member to your staff

• Moving to a new location

• A patient appreciation month

• The anniversary of your office opening; or any other offer you think might promote activity


Whether it is setting the days and hours of the calls or informing your patients of specials and/or promotions, On-Site TM will work with you to develop a program that best fits your needs.


Here’s how it works:

ethnic neutral woman and doc.jpg

Customer selection – You select the list of patients you believe may be qualified to return to the practice. Together we'll develop an EXCEL spreadsheet with just the basic information (names and phone numbers) to a HIPAA compliant website. On-Site TM’s General Manager will then access that same website and upload the names and numbers into a secure database specifically designed for your chiropractic office.



Call Volume – On-Site TM will place up to 2 calls to every contact on your list. All calls with be completely customised depending on your unique program


Call Details – On-Site TM will make calls on behalf of your office – in fact Caller ID will identify the call as coming from your office. All scripts are approved by your office before any calls are made.  On each call, On-Site TM will highlight the advantages of your practice and offer to schedule an appointment to come in for a visit.

Appointment Booking – You provide the specific appointment times and On-Site TM will book the appointment directly with the patient. Appointments are usually scheduled at least 48 hours in advance so you will have time to prepare.

Appointments – For similar campaigns to patients of chiropractors, On-Site TM has been successful in getting on average 7-10% of of your list to come in for appointments. Understand please, the quality of the list you provide is VERY important in determining the level of call to appointment success.

Daily Reporting – On-Site TM will send you a report every morning detailing the appointments booked and a summary of the call as well as any potential customers that need to be called back because there was no appointment that fit their schedule.



Final Report – On-Site TM will send you an EXCEL sheet with the results of all potential patients in a pivot table that will allow you to quickly determine your results, PLUS a list of all the possibles… that is, prospects that expressed interest in your program offer, but for one reason or another opted not to set an appointment at the time they were called. On-Site TM callers will summarize their conversations and list them in the notes they provide to you.



Pricing - Costs are dependent on a few factors like the number of attempts, how many patients, whether you're running an event, setting appointments or both and other factors. We can cover that question and others once we find out a little more about the way business is conducted in your office. We believe we can find an affordable program that will work for most chiropractic practices and if not, we'll suggest other options, even if they aren't with us!

>> Request a customized quote

What you can expect:

frenchy with ball.jpg

"Retrieve" Your Lost Patients!

Reestablish Former Patient Connections!

Listen to A Successful Campaign!



"ON-SITE TM's team of phone professionals were able to set appointments with my patients and achieve success without being pushy. In addition to providing this service, ON-SITE scrubbed my patient list and advised me of disconnected numbers and patients that had moved out of the area. I would not hesitate to utilize their service again".

                                                                   —Dr. Tanya H, Chiropractic Physician


Bring Them Back - Chiropractic
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Chiropractic Health Assessment-Delray Beach, FL


This Chiropractor selected from their patient database the names and phone numbers of those that they hadn't seen in at least 6 months and believed would benefit from a visit. Together we developed a list of appointment times on a specific day and time slot for visits.

We invited targeted patients in for a complimentary computerized spinal assessment. Patients returned during their set appointment times and happily reengaged with the practice, often setting future appointments for wellness care! 


Click here to reach out for a customized quote >>

Call Highlights:​

In this call, our TSR connects quickly with a patient over a moment of humor: "How long has it been?"

is the patient's response. She explains the reason for the call, a wellness visit with a complimentary offer. The patient is glad to come in not only taking the offer, but asking for an adjustment visit as well.

• The offer is extended and explained warmly and professionally.

• Our TSR's "Smile When They Dial" and you can hear it come across.

• A specific appointment is set and confirmed.

• Patient sees and agrees with the need to come back in for wellness.

• Patient even says she "will make the time work" as now she is motivated, even excited to come in for her new appointment.

** names are removed for privacy reasons

Call us now for a customized quote.

Let's chat! 


Set aside 15 minutes for a conference call (no obligation, of course) and we’ll see if a comprehensive program will help you generate the kind of demand you need for your practice. If it won’t work or if we can’t design a cost-effective program for you, we’ll tell you.


We promise . . . that’s the way we work.

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